AfroTech Experience 2021

First, it really was a privilege to be able to attend AfroTech 2021 and be able to experience this during my senior year of university. Thank you to all that helped me get there ♥️ What is AfroTech 2021? AfroTech is a digital and in-person conference held this year in what some may refer to […]

Day 4: Getting Started with WireShark


Prerequisites: Networking Knowledge as in OSI Model and Ports/Protocols Be able to install Wireshark Note: This is not necessarily a tutorial but coffee for thought on what I’ve learned so far based on a class I am taking. So, what is WireShark? WireShark is a tool used by IT folks to analyze what kind of […]

Day 3: SSH and What I’ve Learned

Introduction Greetings. It’s been a while since my last post. Note to self, I need to start uploading my work from Notion onto WordPress in an efficient way. In the past week, I’ve been attending a SOC Analyst Prep course to learn more about the fundamentals needed to become one, and recently, we have gone […]

Day 1: Docker, OpenVAS, Mossé Institute, and InfoSec Again lol

Greetings y’all, welcome to another day with me on my information security journey (or trying to figure it out at least)! I’ve been using a learning platform called Mossé Institute. They provide learning and training guides for those interested in Cybersecurity. Now, if you have used a site called TryHackMe, this is not quite the […]

Day 0: Who I Am & What I’m Learning

Introduction Welcome to my first official blog post! I go by Alex or Alexandria. I am a senior undergraduate aiming to earn my bachelor’s in Cybersecurity. Some of you may know me as @alexandriastech on Twitter. I originally came to Twitter this past summer and had the goal of becoming a web developer. Well, things […]

Day 10 | 100 Days of Information Security

Date: Sep 14, 2021 Greetings to everyone who it may or may not be their first time on my blog. My name is Alexandria, and I am a Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics undergraduate. I took on the #100DaysofInfoSec challenge as a way of filling in the gaps that have been caused in undergraduate education (and […]

Day 8 | OverTheWire | 100 Days of Information Security

Date: Sept 08, 2021 Currently still using the Roppers’ Academy course Goal: Complete Over the Wire: Bandit 0-4 So far, so good. I have used SSH which is how you can connect your computer to another computer over a secure connection; this is how they will talk to one another. SSH stands for secure socket […]

Day 7 | Basics of Networking | 100 Days of Information Security

Date: Sep 07, 2021 Networking concepts have always been difficult for me to understand (especially when you cannot see what you are talking about). In this exercise, I was able to set up a listener by opening a second terminal. From my first terminal, I was able to run commands and see outputs on my […]

Day 6 | Man Pages | 100 Days of Information Security

Date: Sep 06, 2021 So far, I’ve learned that when I am unsure of what a command does, I can use a manual provided Linux called man pages. To access this, I can use the command man. Here are some definitions that I would like to keep up with: Bridged IP Address NAT – Network […]