Day 1: Docker, OpenVAS, Mossé Institute, and InfoSec Again lol

Greetings y’all, welcome to another day with me on my information security journey (or trying to figure it out at least)!

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I’ve been using a learning platform called Mossé Institute. They provide learning and training guides for those interested in Cybersecurity. Now, if you have used a site called TryHackMe, this is not quite the same. I’ll be honest, it has a little less hand-holding as I’ve had to ask far more questions, and some of the documentation provided has not been as clear. However, the levels are listed as beginner, novice, etc.

I am a student, so I was able to gain free access to their remote cybersecurity internship. I didn’t want to call this a review but wanted to give my full-on opinion as I start working through some of the coursework. I wouldn’t exactly label the internship as “beginner-friendly” myself as you can see each step is labeled novice.

It expects you to already understand the concept of what a virtual machine is, how to deploy one, as well as knowing how to install security tools such as OpenVAS.

Mosse Institute Remote Cybersecurity Internship

Now, after some long while difficulty of 2 days and some help, I finally managed to install Docker and OpenVAS.

Now, the set-up of OpenVAS can get really complex, so the tutorial has you download and use Docker which already has it set up for you.

Docker is used by software developers to develop and manage applications in an environment. It can be a little confusing at first, at least to me, because Docker and Virtual Machines both use virtualization to do their job.

Now, what I understand most is that Docker relies on my OS kernel and virtualizes the applications. The virtual machine does not rely on my OS kernel because it creates its own.

Source: Docker vs Virtual Machine | Simply Explained

This is important because while I kept trying to install and use the Docker image provided in the tutorial; I kept getting some strange error that I didn’t quite understand.

So, I was trying to run this command and finally realized after like crying for two days it felt like. I have now realized the Docker image does not like the fact I have the processor ARM64.

Anyway, that’s another issue for tomorrow as I barely got any sleep over this!

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Some vocabulary:

  • Open-source
  • Vulnerability
  • OpenVAS
  • Virtual Machine
  • Docker


  • What is the difference between Docker and a Virtual Machine?