Day 10 | 100 Days of Information Security

Date: Sep 14, 2021

Greetings to everyone who it may or may not be their first time on my blog. My name is Alexandria, and I am a Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics undergraduate. I took on the #100DaysofInfoSec challenge as a way of filling in the gaps that have been caused in undergraduate education (and especially with the pandemic).

In my journey, I’ll make many mistakes but also, I’ll learn many things!

To continue on from my last lesson, I’m learning different commands to learn how to manipulate STDIN and STDOUT files!

grep command

If we use the man command from last time, when we type in man grep, we get a little bit of an understanding of what grep does. In this case, I believe it is searching for patterns. So, good, I’m getting used to man pages and referring to the manual at hand.

Whew, I’m tired! There are a few flags that we can add to manipulate grep some more!

It’s been a hectic week already with mid-terms so I’ll have to cut this one short!