Day 8 | OverTheWire | 100 Days of Information Security

Date: Sept 08, 2021

  • Currently still using the Roppers’ Academy course
  • Goal: Complete Over the Wire: Bandit 0-4

So far, so good. I have used SSH which is how you can connect your computer to another computer over a secure connection; this is how they will talk to one another. SSH stands for secure socket shell.

Bandit Level 0 → Level 1

This required a ls command so that I could see the password for the next level and then SSH into there.

Bandit Level 1 → Level 2

This was a unique situation for me because I had not remembered how to open a dashed filename: ex. .

I used the cat ./-

This allows me to name the file path + name of the file.

Bandit Level 2 → Level 3

This was another unique situation which is simply opening up files and seeing their contents when the filename has spaces (ex. spaces in the filename).

Simply, use quotations around the filename.

Ex. “spaces in the filename”

Bandit Level 3 → Level 4

This required me to find hidden files. I just listed all the files by using the command: ls -a. This shows all files in the directory.